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How We Help

Our community is our family and the reason we've been in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio for 30 years. To show our appreciation, we're giving back as much as we get!

You may have noticed that while many people know and love Amy's Ice Creams, you rarely see any advertisements in local media. We use those dollars for giving directly to community events with local non-profits, children’s health organizations, and educational groups.

Check out our Pinterest board to see community organizations we actively support!

Our Opportunities

We receive hundreds of requests for support every week and we’ve come up with some great programs to support all the wonderful non-profits that make Austin, San Antonio and Houston such great places to live!

Gift Certificates (most popular):
We’re happy to provide four (4) gift certificates, each good for a small ice cream with one crush’n, to local non-profits, education organizations, and children's programs. Great for auctions, giveaways, and raffles. We kindly ask for two (2) weeks to get these to you.

Ice Cream Social
We will provide one flavor of ice cream for up to 50 people! This program is open specifically to local non-profits whose mission focuses on education programs for underserved children or fighting children’s illness. Please note, we prefer our contributions directly serve the special populations an organization supports. If your organization is approved, we kindly ask for four (4) weeks to prepare your donation.


First, fill out the request form by clicking here.

We’ll email you a confirmation that your submission has been received!

Please be on the lookout for a second email for any action items we may ask you to complete before we’re able to proceed with the donation!


Frequently Asked Questions


I submitted a standard donation request; what can I expect next?
If you are a local non-profit (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio Metro areas) we’ll pop 4 gift certificates in the mail to the mailing address you’ve provided within 2 weeks. If you need to change your mailing address please email us directly at


I’ve submitted an ice cream social request; what can I expect next? The ice cream social is one of our newest programs and we’re still working out the kinks. Currently this program is only open to local non-profits whose primary focus is underserved children, children’s health issues, or children's education.


So, I’m not really a non-profit, how do I get in on this? Amy’s loves teaming up with small businesses and entrepreneurs. It sounds like you need to speak to our Marketing & Public Relations department to set something up! Good luck!

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