Yeah! Ice Cream!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...No, It's Rocket Shake! 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...IT'S TIME!

The Amazing Rocket Shake, coming to your rescue! Late night studying and finals got you down? Don't know exactly just how you'll make it through the next few weeks? Let Rocket Shake help you exceed those energy levels!

Don't thank's his job!



And breakfast, and lunch, and any other time of the day, because local Austin, TX fifth grader, Morgan, has just won the ultimate prize of a lifetime, free Amy’s Ice Cream for Life!


Morgan was randomly selected from a pool of over 1300 Austinites!


On Friday, April 24th, 2015, we went to her school to surprise her. We coordinated with her parents and school principal to plan a surprise ice cream party for her and her entire class. On Fridays at Lakeway, the children are given ice cream as part of their lunch time. This particular Friday, however, the fifth graders were not allowed any. Naturally, as you can bet, they were bummed.

Little did they or Morgan know, we were about to make their days! When CEO, Michael Hartman announced the winner, the fifth graders erupted into cheers, Morgan’s father came out from hiding, and Morgan was presented a golden ticket and her own personal Amy’s ID card!


The class then got to celebrate Morgan’s win with her with a free ice cream party! They got to meet Josie the cow, pick their toppings, and learn ice cream tricks from some of the scoops!

Join us in congratulating Morgan, and we look forward to seeing more of her in the stores!



Be sure to check out our video below to see Morgan and her class’ reaction on the big day!



Save the Date!! 

It’s been a while, and we really miss you. So let’s catch up at a little party we’re having in five weeks! We want to send you more information, but need an RSVP from you first! Head here to RSVP or check out any FAQs to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Studying for Finals or Climbing the Wall 

Exams may as well be scaling The Wall in Game of Thrones instead. Need something to help you over the fictional wall that is the mound of assignments and studying you have to do? Why not head on over to our Super South and Guadalupe locations to try our Rocket Shake! One sip contains the flavorful mixture of our mexican vanilla ice cream, deliciously rich, delightfully strong, cold-brewed Kohana Coffee, and approximately 1000+ volts of pure, focused, study energy! Approximately. Winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming, exams are on their way too. Arm yourself with some pure unadulterated energy!



This Month's Featured Scoop: The Queen of the North

Meet the featured Scoop of the Month, Katy Thompson!

Katy is the bright and energetic manager of the Amy’s Austinville 78750 location, though if you ask her, she’ll tell you a more appropriate job title is “Queen of the North.”

Along with making sure you guys, the customers, are happy and satisfied, Katy also acts as a Teacher’s Assistant for Amy’s EDU Open Book Management, Customer Service, and Product Knowledge modules! Her other royal duties include co-reigning over our Instagram account, and sharing our culture of ice cream with Austin.

Aside from her official roles as Monarch of 183, the Queen of the North also likes to be involved in the local community. At the beginning of summer, Katy will be reaching out to schools in Austin to present a seminar about great interviewing practices, and to give them some insight into how fun it is to work at Amy’s!

You’re probably wondering how Katy feels in her role. She asks, “Have you heard the line, ‘you had me at hello,’? Well that’s how I describe how I fell in love with Amy’s.” Katy became the first outside manager in about five years, meaning she had a lot of expectations to meet and live up to. However, “I couldn’t have been met with more welcoming arms,” she states.


For Katy, the most rewarding part of her job is being able to reach out to the Austin community and she finds it humbling that she could be some scoop’s first manager. Leading by example, she sets a high standard for their work ethic, one that will be remembered as challenging, fun, and rewarding for them, as well as for her.


We asked Katy what her most interesting customer interaction was, and she simply says “Lori. Anyone from 183 will understand it is always a fun conversation, and we see her everyday!” And when asked what her favorite part about working at Amy’s is? “Everything I’ve already said, along with I love that I get to work with my best friends!”


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